What is Anyfiddle
Anyfiddle is an online platform for developers to write, run and build code in any language from any device.
Anyfiddle aims at providing the fastest solution to get started with coding. No more setting up the development environment, installing language/framework dependencies, etc. Choose from the available list of pre-setup templates and within seconds you are ready to code.
Anyfiddle is an alternate to JSFiddle, CodeSandbox, and CodePen but lets you code in any language (not just Javascript)

With Anyfiddle you can

  • ​
    Write code within a browser using Anyfiddle powerful code editor based on Monaco Editor (From Visual Studio)
  • Run code and any Linux command in the inbuilt terminal
  • Create folders and files and create your own folder structure for you codebase
  • Install languages, software, packages from the terminal
  • Run any server or web framework of your choice and access it publicly via the preview feature
  • Share your work with others by just copying and sending the url.
  • Choose from a list of prebuilt starter templates (like NodeJS with Express, React JS, Python, Java) so that you do not have to worry about installing and setting up for your quick prototypes

How it works (Demo)

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