App bar

App bar shows information related to the project like Name and has actions on the right.

Project title

By default, all projects will have the name "Untitled project". To rename a project click on the title (Untitled project) and type in the name of your choice. Make sure to select a unique name so that later on you can identify this project in your project list.

New project

This will open a new tab with the template selection page. Select a template or select an existing project from My Projects to continue coding

My Projects

This link will open the My Projects page which will have the list of projects for signed-in users. For non-signed-in users, this link will not show

Sign In

The sign in button will show if the user is not signed in. On clicking sign in a popup will show with available methods to sign in. Currently Anyfiddle supports signing in with

  • Google

  • Facebook

  • Github

Sign in popup

Profile Menu

For signed-in users, the profile picture will show in the place of sign-in button. On clicking this button the profile menu will show with details like User's name, username, etc. It will also provide links to My Projects, Account settings, and Sign out