Code editor

Editor with NodeJS express hello world app

The code editor has the following components.


Each tab represents the files opened. Clicking on the lets you view and edit the file. A tab can be closed by clicking on the close button. The close button turns into a circle when there are unsaved changes to the tab file.

Each tab has the following actions in the right-click context menu.

  • Close tab.

  • Close other tabs.

  • Close all tabs.

  • Close all saved tabs.

  • Close all tabs to the right of the current tab.


The editor is where you write the code and edit it. It currently supports basic code suggestions and error checking.

Changes made to the code will not be auto-saved. To save a file use Cmd+S or Ctrl+S. When there are unsaved changes to a file there will be a circle in file tab to indicate the unsaved state

Media Viewer

If the selected tab/opened file is a media file then a preview will open. Meda viewer currently supports

  • Video files (.mp4, .mov, .avi, .,mov)

  • Image files (.jpeg, .jpg, .png, .webp, .gif)

  • Audio files (.mp3, .wav)